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About Sanktuary Films

We are a film production company in Johannesburg, South Africa, committed to creating narrative films and documentaries that highlight important social issues and are catalysts for conversation.

Started in 2019, the company launched with its award-winning feature documentary, “I Am Here”, about the remarkable life of 98-year-old spirited Holocaust survivor, Ella Blumenthal. After a global festival run, winning Oscar Qualifying Awards, the documentary went on to play in over 80 theatres in the United States and is now available on VOD platforms across the US. Next was “Leemtes en Leegheid (A Void)” which took home three prestigious awards at its world premiere in South Africa at Silwerskermfees, including Best Short Film, Best Screenplay and the Audience Choice Award.

Sanktuary Films is a four-time SAFTA nominated, cutting edge company that has also produced commercials and music videos for international musicians. We collaborate with talented crew members across South Africa to create a sanctuary for audiences who believe in the power, impact and artistry of storytelling.

Jordy Sank


Jordy Sank is an award-winning South African Director, Screenwriter and Producer known for his SAFTA nominated short film “The Locket” (2015), feature documentary “I Am Here” (2021), and Afrikaans short film “Leemtes en Leegheid (A Void)” (2022), which recently won Best Short Film, Best Script and the Audience Choice Award at kykNET’s Silwerskermfees.

He gravitates towards intimate human stories and social impact narratives, winning Best Director at both the Africa Human Rights Film Festival and the Jozi Film Festival in 2021. He is a Durban Talents alumnus and winner of the Silver Screen Award at the Young Director Award 2022 in Cannes. “I Am Here” won Best South African Documentary (which qualified it for Academy Award consideration) and the Audience Choice Award at the Durban International Film Festival 2021, among other international awards.

Jordy is extremely passionate about pushing the envelope of South African storytelling and sharing these meaningful and impactful films with the world.

Gabriella Blumberg


Gabriella Blumberg is a South African producer and director with a drive to create compelling, impactful stories. Gabriella is the Producer of the Award Winning feature documentary “I Am Here” (2021) which won many awards including Best South African Documentary at the Durban International Film Festival 2021 – this qualified the film for Oscar consideration.

“Leemtes en Leegheid (A Void)”, a beautiful narrative short film about grief, was produced by Gabriella and commissioned by kykNET. It won “Best Short Film” at the Silwerskermfees 2022. Gabriella, a Durban Talents alumnus, is extremely passionate about advocating for breast health awareness and has directed and produced short films such as “Inheritance” (2018) and “Near not Far” (2019) that raise awareness about breast cancer. Her television advert about breast health was screened on 200 slots on eTV and DSTV in 2021.

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